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Maximum Fitness is a gym designed for anyone and everyone who wants to be the fittest and strongest both physically and mentally. We have created a gym that has taken us away from the narcissistic industry to put you at ease and ensure we get the best out of you during your workouts.

All our coaches are positive, high energy trainers who come from a highly educated background and a wealth of experience. Here at Maximum Fitness we have developed a method that is guaranteed to provide results for increasing both your physical and psychological wellbeing.

Our History

The Maximum Fitness Story

Owner and Founder Max has always been physically active. He fell into personal training almost accidentally, when a carer visiting his father, who has MS, spotted him doing a workout and asked for some tips. Before long, the news of Max’s workouts spread - and he was training the whole team of carers! Max decided to launch his own personal training business by distributing flyers around his neighbourhood. Once he had a large enough client base, Max started hosting thirty-minute bootcamps in the local park - the original Maximum Fitness bootcamp!

From there, Max took a job at a gym while his dream began to grow. He honed his personal training skills and style, and admits it was always a bit of winging it - but was fortunate enough to have mentors to help on the way. Max had always known opening up his own gym was a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’, and when an opportunity became available in 2017, he took it. Maximum Fitness opened its doors for the first time in September 2017. Time’s gone so fast it feels like we’re driving a fast car without any brakes! But it’s been an incredible journey, for sure.

Max was keen to avoid the narcissistic or egotistical reputation that some gyms attract - instead focusing on both physical and mental wellbeing. Here at Maximum Fitness, we drop the ego, we drop the stereotypes, and we really just focus on being better and who we are. When you focus on other people, you get bitter - but when you focus on yourself, you get better! We are proud to run a thriving gym that focuses on getting its members outside of their comfort zone with customised workouts and positive encouragement. It doesn’t matter what your skill or fitness level looks like, as long as you put in the effort. 

In just a few short years, Maximum Fitness has grown from its humble beginnings to the thriving gym that it is now. 
So - what’s next? Watch out! We’re taking over.



Gym Owner Max is also a Personal Trainer at Maximum Fitness, who spends his days working alongside clients and helping them to set goals and transform their lives.

His main aim as a coach is to teach and empower every individual who comes to him for help, and he always makes sure to deliver what they need to help them become the best version of themselves. 
Max says his favourite part of his role is watching peoples’ confidence improve through exercise, and seeing how they develop a much stronger, healthier mindset.

He’s best known at Maximum Fitness for his hardcore bootcamps, which he loves teaching as they help his clients to get the very best out of their workouts. Max says it’s always really rewarding to see his clients making massive progress!

Max’s philosophy for working with his clients is similar to the philosophy that he has for life. He believes it’s important to ask yourself three questions when you’re starting your fitness journey: Where am I now? Where do I want to be? How do I bridge the gap?

His top tip for getting the most out of your health and wellbeing journey is to define your destination. He says deciding what you want the outcome to be when you begin the process means that you can figure out the right path to take. Put simply: vision simplifies everything!

Max sees his biggest achievement as the hundreds of people who consistently attend sessions at the gym. He says this showcases how they have come to value their health and wellbeing - and that, for him, is a huge accomplishment!

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